Thanks for the awesome “Grill pan” Massar! It saved the day when the grill ran out of gas this week

Made it to Vegas

We made it. The trip was uneventful but I don’t think we will fly US Air again – they charge for everything… I know a lot of airlines are in the pits at the moment but you won’t even get one free checked bag when flying US Air – this added $60.00 to our trip…

Hansen's Root Beer

I really enjoy soda that is made with pure cane sugar, it lacks the “Bite” that you get from high fructose corn syrup which is the primary sweetner in most sodas today. Hansen’s root beer is a good example of great soda, second only to Dublin Dr.pepper Thanks for getting me hooked Choe!

Choke Canyon again

I was going to fish Caleveras today but then I realized that Choke Canyon is only a 1hr drive from where I store the boat, so I headed down there at 4 this morning. The fishing was not as good as last weekend but I managed to catch a few fish, the only keeper is…

Garden not a complete failure!

I am the first to admit that my garden was not a 100% success but it was also not a complete failure. My cherry tomatoes, carrots and peppers all came out good. I learned a lot this year and will do even better next year (probably planting half as much stuff next time around).