Super NES (SNES) emulation advances

I have always been pretty big on the emulation scene, after all the appeal of playing all of the games I grew up with is something that I just cant fight! This weekend I discovered a way to play SNES (Super Nintendo) games in multi player mode over the internet.

This means I can play all of my favorites (Killer Instinct, Mario Cart, Mortal Combat) online with 100’s of other people! Nothing like this has been available since the XBAN era which was over long ago (1997 I think).

It actually takes 2 different applications to play online, the first is ZSNES which is by far the best emulation software for the Super Nintendo. The other part of the combo is which is simply a meeting place for gamers that want to play. If you are serious about your SNES games and want some great online matches I highly recommend you check these applications out.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go play some Killer Instinct.

ZNES Home Home

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