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Shortly after getting my ipod and transferring some of my mp3s to it I noticed that the ID3 Tags of my songs were in total disarray. At first glance many people would say ?so what? well once you have the files transferred to your ipod you will discover what a nucance this is.

These are just a few problems I had because of messed up tags:

* The same artist showing up two or more times on my ipod menu (example would be an id3 tag with a misspelled name or an artist with a ?the? in front of their name like ?The Beastie Boys?, some people would only put ?Beastie Boys?
* Albumbs that contain songs that don?t belong on them
* Incorrect song names
* Incorrect artist names

I guess this was to be expected, a lot of my mp3 collection was built during the golden days of Napster. This meant that I was depending upon other people to provide the correct ID3 tag information on the songs which simply was not going to happen.

So here I am with thousands of mp3s that need to be “cleaned”. I started this nightmare by using Apples Itunes to edit the tags, the process went like this:

1) Use the Itunes “get info” option on the song I wanted to edit which would bring up the ID3 tag editor interface.

2) Lookup the song on Amazon.com and copy the info from there to the ID3 tag of the song.

3) Start the process over on a new song.

As you can imagine this was quite a nightmare, on average I was doing about 1 song a minute and have more than 2,000 songs to do. It does not take a math whiz to see that this would take a LONG time (over 30 hours), so I set out to find a better solution.

A quick Google search lead me to Tag & Rename, a self proclaimed ?Powerful and easy-to-use program for organizing and archiving your library of music files.? I would later find this quote to be a huge understatement.

After using Tag & Rename for about 10 minutes I knew it was the answer to all of my MP3 organazational problems.

A few features include:

* Batch (mass) processing of file name changes based on the ID3 tag info of the mp3s

* It will automatically go out to Amazon.com and auto populate the ID3 tag info for songs with the correct information (I only download full albums so this was a HUGE time saver)

* Downloads the album art

With the help of this program I was able to edit the ID3 tag info on over 1,000 songs in less than 2 hours – If you are in the same situation I was in I would recommend getting this app ASAP.

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