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I am a huge fan of rapper Jay-Z, in my opinion he is by far the best rapper alive – The Black Album is what real rap sounds like, you don’t hear a whole lot about “Bitches” and “Hoes” he tells his story of growing up poor and how he became the head of black music. I found out yesterday that he (Jay-Z) is going to release a movie that will feature his farewell concert at Madison Square Garden and some behind the scene footage of the making of The Black Album, Fade to Black (the name of the movie) will debut in November, watch the trailer below for a sample.

Fade To Black Trailer (Windows Media)

7 thoughts on “JAY-Z Movie

  1. Curtis, Eminem is the BEST rapper out there…..and Jay-Z does his fair share of pimpin his hoes…..I bet you like Jay-Z better than TOOl!—you better not.
    “Big Pimpin” anybody?
    Rap artists are the perfect role model for young kids black and white growing up….being successful means be able to fuck as many chicks as you want, buy your love with your fancy credit cars, houses…and give your girl some credit cards so she can go shopping….directing a rap video would be easy…
    Barry: Ok, in this revolutionary scene, I want you to be throwing money out to the masses, like they do candy at parades…
    Rapper: Wow, Barry, you sure do have a vision.
    Barry: Be sure to smile, so we can see your gold teeth….
    Ok..here we go…cue the hoochie mamas(soon to be your baby’s momma”….ACTION…

  2. Barry – You are correct about Jay-Z, he is not 100% immune to the “Hoes” and “Bitches” rap. However the songs where he talks about this stuff are only the ones you hear on the Radio. It’s sad but that is what appeals to the masses so that is what he uses to sell his work.

    I too use to think that Eminem was the best, until I realized that he gets a lot of his inspiration from Jay-Z. Don’t get me wrong, Eminem is great and is defiantly one of the best but in my opinion Jay-Z is better 😉

    As for Tool – I do love them (Not as much as you an Aaron) but I don’t compare them and artists like Jay-Z because the music is so different.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. Curtis – What about my boy V. Ice??

    He is a hard core G thats to the Extreme….he rocks the mic like a vandal.

    Jay-Z cant hang with that. And Jay-Z has NEVER been a motocross champion like the Iceman.

    You need to represent, fool.

    Word to ya mother.

  4. Wait one minute here have we all forgot MC Hammer and Sir Mixalot. Shame on you guys. If it wasn’t for them Jay Z and all the other rappers wouldn’t be around and then I would never get pissed and turn off the radio. Rock hard, Mike

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