@ Blizzcon

Blizzcon 2011 updates for anyone that cares (I am attending):

World of Warcraft

– Next WOW expansion announced, Mists of Pandaria will allow player to play as Pandas and also introduces the Monk class. The new class and race are playable this year and from what I have seen they look great.

A new yearly subscription plan for WOW is available, if you signup for it you are guaranteed to get Beta in the next WOW expansion, an in game mount and Diablo III for FREE


• Level cap raised to 90
• New class: Monk
• New race: Pandarens
• Pve Scenarios
• Pet Battle System (Pokemonnn!)
• New Talents
• New continent
• Challenge Mode Dungeons
• Horde vs Alliance war will be the focus of the next expansion

Diablo III

– Box art and collectors edition contents announced
– New cinematic shared that seems to show one of Diablo’s brothers is still alive (The black soul stone was the name of the cinematic)

Pic of collectors edition contents over at MMO-Champion:

Starcraft II

– Crazy good gameplay this year, GLS finals are tonight from 9pm – 12am PDT
– Heart of the swarm officially announced and looks amazing
– TONS of in game mechanic & unit changes – here is a good place to see them all:

Blizzard DOTA
– It’s been completely redone and looks great, I’ll update again once I get a chance to play it tonight

I am sure that I have missed SOMETHING – I’ll update again later =)

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