Mountain Biking

I need to find a way to stay in good shape for quite a few reasons, ski season is getting to be more fun for me each year and being in better shape when it gets here will make my time on the slopes even more rewarding.

I use to do a lot of road biking but San Antonio has gotten to be too dangerous for that in my opinion so I have decided to start hitting the mountain bike trails again (no cars out there!).

Here is the first of 2 rides I have completed this week, I don’t really have any goals yet but that’s coming (For some reason Internet Explorer will sometimes just display a google map, try Firefox or Chrome if you have this problem):

Location: McAllister Park
Date: 5/1/11
Distance: 8.15 mi
Duration: 1:13

View McAllister Park – May 1st in a larger map

I also came across some people LARP’ing @ the park:

I am considering getting a new bike so if anyone has suggestions please share

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