How the hunt for a hammock turned me into a Costco promoter

I go to Costco to price out Hammocks.

I learn that Costco does not currently carry Hammocks.

While I am at the store I notice the TV I bought just over 3 months ago had dropped in price by over $200.

Costco has a policy that you can get a price adjustment on any item in the store for 30 days but I figured that there was no harm in asking about getting an adjustment.

I ask customer service about my TV and they quote the policy but tell me to ask a Manager (Ok so Costco should probably empower their front line folks to make these type of decisions on their own but I can look past that).

I find a manager walking the floor and explain my situation, her answer is “Sure, we will take care of you”.

It’s important for me to point out that getting the refund is not what makes me a promoter (although the cash is nice!). What made me a promoter is the fact that the Manager did not hide behind policy to avoid conflict with a customer.

The experience that I had made me want to learn more about the company. It turns out that this type of service is encouraged by Costco CEO Jim Sinegal, if you have a moment to read about his management style, his take on customer service and how to treat employees I would highly encourage it.

Nice work Costco.

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