The Wii has arrived


The Nintendo Wii was released at 12am this morning, mine was on reserve at EB Games and they opened up at midnight for us to get our systems – thanks EB. Aaron and I went to get the system and hopefully pickup a few extra controllers so we could play some multiplayer games (Madden 2007 and Wii Sports) however EB did not have any extra controllers. We went to a few Wal-Marts before accepting the fact that anyone open at 12am was already sold out of just about everything that had to do with the new system. We spent the rest of the morning (1am – 4am) playing The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess and Wii sports, we gave Madden a try however it’s just not the same with only 1 controller =/.

I woke up at 8am and headed to 3 different Targets in search of additional controllers however it was the same story at every location – sold out. I did manage to get 2 extra remotes (each controller consists of a remote and what Nintendo is calling a numchuck) and 1 “classic controller� however they were out of numchucks. Before calling it quits I headed over to Best Buy and they just happed to open early to let the people waiting for the Wii get their systems, by this time it was almost 9am and I was already considering ordering the additional controllers online.

There was a massive line of people waiting on getting their system so I asked a manager if I could just grab a few extra controllers expecting for him to tell me that the people buying systems were going to get first choice on them – boy was I wrong! The manager told me I did not need to wait in line and to take as many controllers as I want, I remembered later that the controllers are where Best Buy makes their money (I use to work there) so he did not care who bought them just as long as they were bought!

I ended up getting 3 numchucks and 1 more remote, I also grabbed the last classic controller they had too! This left me with 4 complete controllers (the most the system will accommodate) and 2 classic controllers (which are used for playing older games that are downloadable from the Nintendo Wi-Fi service) all in all I am very happy. The only thing I need now is the component video cable so I can play Zelda 480p and that is on the way from Nintendo’s online store.

Click here to see more pictures of the Wii in my gallery

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