Yep, you read that correctly – I am engaged, I asked Andrea to marry me on September 16, 2005. We have been together for over 7 years now and for the last 2 or 3 months I have really been thinking of how to ask her etc, what I came up with is below.

I took her to a brand new PF Chang’s (opening night) at a new open air shopping mall near our apartment for dinner. I knew she had a big test coming up so I made up a story about winning a free meal in order to make sure she would go. Our reservations were at 9:30 and I had gone to the restaurant earlier in the afternoon to plan things with the staff and pickup a few fortune cookies.

The way I planned to ask her was to create my own message and stuff it inside a fortune cookie, this worked out quite well (I did it without breaking a single cookie!). After picking Andrea up from school at around 7:00pm we headed to our apartment (I had the ring and cookie in my pocket), we took about 45 minutes to get ready and headed out.

Andrea had received a few discount offers in the mail from a store she likes so the first thing we did upon arrival was visit Express. Andrea was totally unaware of my plans so she was as cool as can be, I on the other had was worried that someone was going to bump into me and crush my cookie.

After leaving Express we checked out the rest of the shopping center (The shops at La Cantera) which was very nice (I am sure we will be spending a lot of time there with Andreas shopping habits). Of course all this time I am still trying not to bump into anyone or anything for fear of damaging my cookie.

At last 9:15 rolls around and we head to PF Chang’s, after being seated I headed to the restroom to make sure the cookie survived (it did!). When I got back to the table we both ordered our drinks and food, then Andrea headed to the restroom – now was my chance to hand the cookie to our waitress. I asked her to place it on a plate and bring it to Andrea telling her that in celebration of opening the new restaurant they were giving away prizes and that the cookie was the game piece. Andrea took the cookie, opened it and read my message. I put the ring in front of her while she was reading the note and the rest is history.

We won’t even begin to plan our wedding until after she is done with law school, but rest assured that the engagement party is right around the corner!

I will post pictures of the ring here soon.

7 thoughts on “Engaged

  1. oh my God………that’s great news. I am jumping in my chair..and starting to call the caters. I love to plan parties especially wedding related parties………..just tell me when I’m ready with my checkbook Ha Ha!! and Jim is smashing my hands Ha! Ha! Congrulations

  2. Wow. Congratulations you two.

    I always knew it would happen at some point. You two make a good couple.

    And smart thinking trying to lock Andrea in before she starts making all that Lawyer money. There is nothing wrong with getting yourself a sugar momma.

    Andrea needs to hook a brother up with some of her law school friends :)

    Seriously though…its the 19th now. Why am I finding out about this from your blog…3 days after the fact? Is this because I quit playing WOW? I’m hurt :(

  3. Congrats bro! PF Changs Huh? Great Choice. I love that place. Great Idea regarding the approach. Quite stealth if you ask me. Good Job old boy…Now where’s the PICS. See ya at the boil (Are you guys going to make it?)

  4. Ok. It has been a few weeks now. I know I will see the PICs eventually but what about the rest of the mercwear crew. POST!! POST!!! POST!!!! Come on you engaged wild man post them there PICS…yeeeeh haw!!!

  5. So…when is this engagement party going to happen? It’s been awhile since you posted this, and I’m still waiting to spill drinks on your carpet. Maybe we can get Barry to show us how he likes Mortal Kombat.

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