Devil’s River

About the trip Our trip was from April 18th, 2015 – April 21, 2015. The CFS of the river was extremely low (22CFS and 2.15ft stage according to Texas Parks and Wildlife). In fact, the Texas Parks and Wildlife site for Devils River posted an advisory the night before we were to put in stating that…


Finished The Wire

Andrea and I finally wrapped up The Wire tonight. It’s rare that a series gets better by the season but that’s the case for The Wire. Thanks to everyone that pushed me to watch it. For anyone interested, all 5 seasons are available on HBO GO.


@ Blizzcon

Blizzcon 2011 updates for anyone that cares (I am attending): World of Warcraft – Next WOW expansion announced, Mists of Pandaria will allow player to play as Pandas and also introduces the Monk class. The new class and race are playable this year and from what I have seen they look great. A new yearly…


Mountain Biking

I need to find a way to stay in good shape for quite a few reasons, ski season is getting to be more fun for me each year and being in better shape when it gets here will make my time on the slopes even more rewarding. I use to do a lot of road…


Weekend project: Ping pong ball cannon

I spend a few hours this weekend putting together a ping pong ball cannon. No real reason to do this other than I thought it would be fun. Here is the outcome: With a few sprays of hairspray into the breach (the cardboard tube) it will shoot a ping pong ball about 75 feet and…


Water heater repair

Our water heater quit working on Monday, the water was getting warm but nowhere near hot enough to take a shower (Andrea found out the hard way, sorry babe!). Rather than calling a plumber I decided to give this fix a shot myself, it was a learning experience but in the end I got it…