On location

Woot! There are already people in line and they don’t hand out tickets until 4. Here are some shots of the venue and some dorks



Jason got us into CA about an hour ago. We are all about to fall asleep but success is close!


Phoenix is done

We made short work of Phoenix. Our current location is roughly 400 miles from our final destination. We stopped at IN-N-OUT BURGER to eat and Brian is sporting his Spurs shirt in Sun territory. This is not good considering it’s 12:30 am and a group of about 7 thugs is sitting right outside.

Ozona Texas

Edit – Corrected spelling of the town name (It use to say Ozuna). Thanks Caleb That’s where we are… Is that really anywhere at all? It looks like the town’s claim to fame is the local Sonic, which is located in the old McDonalds building.